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0 Syaitan (2007)


Forced into a marriage by her parents, Dalila, is restless and despondent. When her husband, Muslim, slips into a coma after a bad accident he awakes to his wife’s gentle care, but is haunted by the visions of the future that have plagued him during his comatose state…. What do the visions foretell? What dark secret lies behind his new wife’s smile? Witness this terrifying film that will scare the fearless and chill the spine of your bravest soul.

Starring : Rosyam Nor, Lisdawati, Que Haidar, Zul Huzaimy, Liyana Jasmay, Nurkhiriah, Azri Iskandar dan isteri

Director : Bade Hj Azmi

part 1


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