kecik2 cili padi,besar2 cili bo, kecik2 molek lagi,besar2 pandai jubo

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0 Speedy Scandal.dvdrip.hardsub.2008[ottel]

NAM Hyun-soo was once a popular idol star among teens and worshiped liked a god. Although he’s in his mid-thirties now, he’s still a sought-after celebrity and the host of a popular radio show. But one day a very young single mom named Jung-nam sends her stories to the radio show that Hyun-soo hosts. Her stories about her longing to meet her father whom she’s never seen before grips the nation and catapults the ratings to make it the most popular program. But to his surprise, Hyun-soo later confronts none other than Jung-nam, and her 7 year-old boy, Gi-dong. Jung-nam and Gi-dong invade Hyun-soo’s home and his radio station, claiming that Hyun-soo is her father. Hyun-soo does what he can to salvage his celebrity image.

ReaD MorE Speedy Scandal.dvdrip.hardsub.2008[ottel]


0 Someone Special.dvdrip.hardsub.korean.2004[ottel]

A sometimes clunky, sometimes slow, but ultimately likable Korean romantic comedy. There have certainly been better romantic comedies out of Korea, but there have also been much, much worse.

ReaD MorE Someone Special.dvdrip.hardsub.korean.2004[ottel]


0 zombieland 2009 dvdrip rmvb hardsub

ReaD MorE zombieland 2009 dvdrip rmvb hardsub


0 Bangkit Dari Tidur

sempena tahun baru nie banyak bende yang akan berlaku
sekolah dah buka
SPM dah dekat
aku harap tahun nie tak beri banyak bala sangat kat aku

Jadi sempena tahun baru ni jugak aku dah update template blog nie
rasanya dah berkulat background yang dulu tuu
template ni direka oleh Taiko@marzuki terima kasih kepada beliau

Dan kepada pembaca yang sudi membaca blog aku nie
selamat menghadapi tahun baru yang penuh dengan banyak tugaan.
Jangan pulak korang nak pandai-pandai buat hajat baru kalau
hajat lama masih tak selesai sampai ke hari niee

ok sampai kat sinie saja
tunggu lah kalau ade movie yang best aku upload

ReaD MorE Bangkit Dari Tidur


0 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant.rmvb. DVDrip. ENGSUBTITLE


ReaD MorE 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant.rmvb. DVDrip. ENGSUBTITLE


1 hantu jambatan[ini bukan post movie]

cuba zoom kt bawah jambatan tuu

apa macam deh boleh pikir ape bende tu
aku pon xtahu ape bende tu
kalau hantu org tua-tua cakap malam je ade

ReaD MorE hantu jambatan[ini bukan post movie]


0 DOA: Dead or Alive (2006).hardsub.dvdrip[ottel].rmvb

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006).hardsub.dvdrip[ottel].rmvb

A number of fighters are invited to DOA, an invitational martial arts contest. They travel to the tournament island by plane, until they have to jump out mid-flight with parachutes, and then have until sundown to reach the main island to be entered into the tournament. Fighters are then pooled against one another in a knock-out style tournament, with the loser of a battle sent home, and the winner progressing to the subsequent round. The plot revolves around four female fighters who begin as rivals, but subsequently find themselves teaming up against another force.


ReaD MorE DOA: Dead or Alive (2006).hardsub.dvdrip[ottel].rmvb


0 Tracing.Shadow.2009. ENGSUB.DVDRip[ottel].rmvb


Size : 530 MB
Runtime : 92 MIN
Language : Cantonese
Genre : Action | Adventure | Comedy

Plot :At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the country is in turmoil and the Manchurians are poised to advance upon the capital of Beijing. The city is in a chaos, with martial arts masters from royal guards to local bandits gathering in the city vying for the map of Taizu Emperor Treasure. Foreign warriors including Yehe Changgong and Ninja woman Mingyue Xin from Okinawa also joins the race. In search of the map, fighters stay in the town and disguise themselves as civilians.

Mediafire Link

ReaD MorE Tracing.Shadow.2009. ENGSUB.DVDRip[ottel].rmvb


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