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0 Jo Joe (Joanna Joe)

Basic Info

Acoustic/indie/alternate rock
Vocal & Guitar - Jo Joe
-The Sessionist-
Lead guitar - Azmi LaterALL
Bass - Payed JellyPop
Drummer - SoulMaster LaterALL
From Sabah to Kelantan.
Record Label:
Current Location:
Kota Bharu,Kelantan
-Play to breath, sing to live-

-Buah cempedak di luar pagar, ambil galah tolong jolokkan, saya budak baru belajar, jikalau salah tolong tunjukkan! ♥ :) -

-For any reservations, please do contact this no : 0179570048 -

Detailed Info

Artists We Also Like:
Dying Idols, Later ALL, All Assignment Rejected, Jellypop, Givenpath, Astonish Elmo, 199x, Arsonist, Asthalin, Failure Proposal, Kraut Killer, Liyana Fizi, Wani Ardy, Sirlock, Mix Rose, Mad Monster Attack, Pierce the veil, Tegan and sara, Never shout nev
Wani Ardy, Liyana Fizi, Tegan and Sara, Coldplay, Hujan, Michele branch, Colbie Calliat
Band Interests:
Later ALL, Jellypop, Failure Proposal, Givenpath, 199x, Mix Rose, Sirlock, Blood Fever, Paramore, Mad Monster Attack, Hujan, Oh chentaku, etc. (there's so many till can't think bout it. LOL)
-Born in Sabah, currently in Kelantan for furthering studies.
-Started to play and sing at the age of 16, from actively join the churches backup singers. And played guitar when everytime she hanging up or in malay words we called "Lepak" around her house area or flat we say. :)
-Fly to Kelantan to further her studies in Diploma. (courses let it be a secret. LOL)
-Can't stand on doing nothing, she started with her friends to perform in a small show runs by her university. Raya, Hari Terbuka Desa, etc. (Actively performing from 2008 till now.)
-Been spotted after posting her video entitled "Sebuah Cerita" made by herself.
-First Official show, gigs by Kugiran in the year of 2010.
-Continued with acoustic show.
-Backup by her mates in crime, Azmi with the lead, Aimay for the 2nd guitar, Melee or Adeeb for the bass, and Iwe for the drummer.
-Still new on this industry, she need a lot of things to learn, good criticism and improving on her guitar skills.
-"Buah cempedak diluar pagar, ambil galah tolong jolokkan, saya budak baru belajar,Jikalau salah tolong tunjukkan."
-"Play to breath and sing to live"
-Any reservation,please contact via facebook for the moment. :)

facebook :

MP3 download : Jo Joe (Joanna Joe)- jika

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